By providing professional knowledge and training that are necessary for a company secretary to function, whether in the workplace or in practise, the CS Course aims to create a cadre of company secretaries. The examination's stated syllabus provides a broad framework within which questions may be posed. It should be noted that the questions might not always be limited to the exact terminology or nomenclature of any terms and legislative enactments mentioned therein.

Given the constant change in the business world, candidates should be well-versed in the most recent advancements in various fields, changes to the law or the corresponding provisions of any statutory modifications or reenactments, and judicial pronouncements related to and relevant to the stated course content.

There will be seven papers in the new syllabus for the professional programme. In December 2024, the final test for the CS Professional Program's 2017 syllabus will take place. All ICSI CS Professional exams must be taken using the New Syllabus (2022) starting in June 2025.

CS Professional 2023 Eligibility Requirements

Candidates should check the ICSI's official eligibility requirements before signing up for the CS Professional exam.

The sole and fundamental requirement for CS Professional eligibility is completing the CS Executive exams (both modules) with the minimum mark required by ICSI. Currently, students must earn a minimum of 40% in each topic and a total of 50% to pass the CS Executive exam

Candidates must provide their CS Executive mark sheets or Statements of Marks for both courses and documentation of exam success at the time of registration

Validity of CS Profession Exam Registration 2023

Five years are allowed following enrolment to the normal level of the CS Professional course. Candidates may submit an application for Registration De Novo after this time by paying an extra cost.

Registration De novo CS Professional

Candidates who are unable to pass all of the tests within the allotted five years may register anew. If it is not requested within five years of the registration's expiration, the benefits obtained under that registration will be revoked, and the candidate will need to apply for a new registration and start over.

The CS Professional Continuation of Registration is for applicants who have passed the CS Professional tests, whose registrations have expired, but who have not yet completed all "Training Requirements" in order to be eligible to join ICSI. Such candidates must annually submit Rs. 1000 to maintain their registration.

CS Professional Exam Pattern 2023

Particulars Details
Mode of CS Executive Exam Offline i.e. pen paper-based
Total Duration 3 hours
No. of Modules Three modules (new syllabus)
Total Papers 9 (8 compulsory and 1 elective)
Marking Scheme
  • Two marks for each correct answer
  • No negative marking
No. of Questions 50 questions per paper
Nature of Questions Descriptive (Paper 8 and 9 are open-book exams)

CS Professional Syllabus 2023: List of Subjects

CS Professional Exam Modules CS Professional Papers
Module 1
  • Paper-1: Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics
  • Paper-2: Advanced Tax Laws
  • Paper-3: Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances
  • Paper 4: Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence
Module 2
  • Paper 5: (Part 1): Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding -up
  • Paper 5: (Part 2): Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding -up
  • Paper 6: Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies
Module 3
  • Paper 7: Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges
  • Paper 8: Multidisciplinary Case Studies
  • Paper 9.1: Banking Law and Practice
  • Paper 9.2: Insurance - Law and Practice
  • Paper 9.3: Intellectual Property Rights- Laws and Practice
  • Paper 9.4: Forensic Audit
  • Paper 9.5: Direct Tax Law & Practice
  • Paper 9.6: Labour Laws & Practice
  • Paper 9.7: Valuations & Business Modelling
  • Paper 9.8: Insolvency – Law and Practice

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