The most crucial checkbox to complete in order to become a CS is the CS Professional exam, which is the last step of the Corporate Secretary (CS) Course. The curriculum is broken down into three modules, each of which has three subjects, and the CS Professional Examinations are held twice a year, in the months of June and December. All of the papers contain questions of the descriptive variety, while Papers 8 and 9 are open book tests, with Paper 9 being an elective paper.

Students must make sure they follow the right preparation plan when studying such a broad subject in order to pass the CS Professional exam on the first try.

Here’s how you can clear the CS Professional exam:

1. Verify that you fully understand the CS study syllabus

Those studying for the CS Professional exam can access study materials from the Institution of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). The best preparation methods to clear CS Professional theoretical subjects are conceptual comprehension and linkages between diverse topics because everything is interconnected. Focus on comprehending and evaluating the subject, not on memorization.

2. Taking notes regularly

Make brief, useful notes about the concepts as you read the chapters. This will assist in noting down the key aspects as well as in retaining the subjects for later. While learning a new chapter, have a tiny notebook close at hand. Write with a theoretical approach in mind. It will aid with both writing speed improvement and topic retention. Before tests, practice as much as you can. Write instead of just memorizing formulas. This is a great way to clear the CS Professional exam in the first attempt.

3. Establish a proper timetable first

Create a schedule or study plan to ensure that the entire CS Professional Syllabus is covered in the allotted amount of time. Most of your time must be devoted to studying to pass the CS Professional exam. To finish each chapter in order should be the goal. Once you have completed that, check the test papers from CS Exams Test Series to see if the coverage is optimal. Timetables can be created with breaks on a weekly or monthly basis.

4. Establishing goals

If you want to clear the CS Professional exam you need to establish attainable goals for the day. Don't set such lofty goals that you can never reach. That will not help in any way and will just increase exam stress. At least three months before the main exam, aspirants must attempt to complete the full curriculum. Revision time should be set aside for 1.5 months. Just review the completed chapters from the prior chapters while revising, and concentrate on strengthening the deficiencies.

5. Examining performance data each week

Examine each week's goal and determine if there are any backlogs. Keep track of the effort made and adjust the timetable as necessary. It is extremely important as you prepare for the CS professional exam.

6. Avoid the following

  • Never choose a few topics to focus on; read every concept and chapter in detail.

  • Never consult outdated study materials. You may find all the supplements, test series from CS Exams Test Series, ICSI Study Material, and amendments of any kind in every subject before every try.

  • Attempt to complete your rewrite as soon as possible; do not leave anything unfinished or incomplete. The secret is good time management.



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