What To Do After Clearing CS Professional?

Individuals who pass the CS Professional exams have attained a key landmark in their professional life. The Certified Company Secretary (CS) certification opens several prospects and prepares the road for a bright future. However, you must establish a clear plan for what to accomplish next to get the best of this accomplishment. 

After passing the CS Professional test, this post will walk you through the actions.

  1. Become a member of the Institute. After passing the CS Professional test, the first stage is to sign up with the Institution of Corporate Secretaries in India (ICSI). This registration is required to be accepted as an institution associate and get the title of Company Secretary. The registration procedure is turning in the necessary paperwork, paying the registration cost, and finishing any additional requirements outlined by the institution.

  2. Request membership. Applying for participation with the ICSI comes next after registering there. The application procedure entails delivering the required paperwork, such as educational transcripts, evidence of successfully passing exams, and submission of the membership cost. An institute participant receives a professional badge and has access to various options.

  3. Obtain Real-World Experience. Gaining hands-on expertise is essential for professional advancement, and joining a business, legal firm, or professional company secretary is preferable. This experience will improve your abilities and give you a better understanding of business ethics, conformity, and procedures.

  4. Think about specialization. Corporate responsibility and compliance with laws are two areas of concentration for CS professionals. After passing the CS Professional test, they can investigate specialist subjects such as commercial law, securities legislation, trademark rights, purchase and sale agreements, or taxation, increasing their knowledge and market value.

  5. Attend a higher education. Passing the CS Professional test allows for postgraduate programs in relevant subjects, leading to more advanced employment options and a better understanding of the corporate environment.

  6. Development of one's profession and ongoing learning. CS workers must pursue ongoing development and education to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, revisions, and business best practices. They should attend training sessions and seminars on business legislation and governance to enhance their professional qualifications further.

  7. Investigate entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial CS experts can offer services such as business formation, compliance administration, and governance advising, but launching a business requires thorough preparation, industry knowledge, and required permits and registrations.

  8. Keep Current on Regulatory Changes. Organizations and business rules are always changing. CS professionals need to keep up with these developments and assure compliance. You may keep up with legal developments by contributing to law and business magazines, keeping up with regulatory changes, and often consulting pertinent legislation and modifications.


Cut-Off Dates For Admission To CS Course:

For Foundation Programme

31st March for appearing in December Examination in the same year

30th September for June Examination next year

For Executive Programme

28th February for December Exams in the same year

31st August for June Exam next year


Important things to remember

  • After completing the CS Expert test, the student can pursue 15 months of hands-on training. Three levels make up the CS course: Basis, Executive, and Advanced. There is an eight-month Foundations course for students who have completed the 10+2 program. 

  • Graduates from every discipline—except fine arts—may follow the Executive scheme, and after completing the Executive scheme, they may apply for the Professional course. 

  • After graduating from the Executive or Specialist program, managerial education is necessary. 

  • The applicant can put the initials ACS upon their full name after passing the specialist test and finishing training to become an affiliate of the ICSI. Exams for the CS program are given twice yearly, during June and December, although enrollment is open all year round. 

  • Every phase of the course has a different cost structure. The ICSI has sections in several locations around India, with branch locations in downtown Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi, in addition to its main office in New Delhi. 

  • For appointments to high-level positions and agencies under the government of India, ICSI membership is acknowledged. After receiving a License of Achievement from the College, self-employment is possible. 

  • Universities accept the CS curriculum for Ph.D. program enrollment and the hiring of teachers for management and trade. The Institute helps participants and pupils with job placement; screenings for open positions are held on campus. 

  • A company secretary's responsibilities include serving as an enforcement officer, a subject matter specialist in business law and administration, and a leader in strategy.

Fee Structure for CS Course

  1. The fee for CS Foundation Programme- is Rs. 3600/-

  2.  For  Executive Programme- Rs. 7000/- for Commerce Graduates. Rs. 7750/- for Non-Commerce Students.

What Do You Get With CSExams?

The test series CS-Foundation, CS-Executive, and CS-Professional have been created to aid people in getting ready for the company's Secretary tests. Candidates can evaluate their understanding and enhance their abilities in the appropriate sections of the CS program thanks to the thorough practice and assessment provided by these exam series.


One can complete 15 months of hands-on instruction and earn a full member of the ICSI after passing the CS Professional test. The CS course has three stages: Organization, Executive, and Expert. It is accessible to enrollment all year, and tests are given twice a year. A qualified company secretary can work for an organization and run their business, which is important for corporate oversight and compliance.


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