What is the limit on the number of attempts allowed for the Company Secretary (CS) course?


In the Company Secretary (CS) course, there are specific guidelines regarding the number of attempts allowed for each level of the examination. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has set certain limitations to ensure that candidates complete the course within a reasonable time frame. 

Here's a breakdown of the number of attempts allowed for each level of the CS examination

Level of Examination Number of Attempts Allowed
Foundation Programme 6 attempts
Executive Programme 10 attempts
Professional Programme Unlimited attempts


Below are the detailed of each level of the CS examination and the respective attempt limits

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme is the entry-level stage of the CS course. Candidates can appear for the Foundation examination after completing their 10+2 education. Here are the attempt limitations for the Foundation Programme:

  • A candidate has a maximum of six attempts to clear the Foundation examination.
  • After six unsuccessful attempts, the candidate must register afresh to appear again.

Executive Programme

The Executive Programme is the intermediate level of the CS course. To be eligible for the Executive Programme, candidates must have either completed the Foundation Programme or hold a relevant degree. The attempt limits for the Executive Programme are as follows:

  • Candidates have a maximum of ten attempts to clear the Executive Programme examination.

  • If a candidate is unable to clear the examination within ten attempts, they must re-register for the course.

Professional Programme

The Professional Programme is the final stage of the CS course. Candidates can appear for the Professional Programme examination after clearing the Executive Programme. Unlike the Foundation and Executive levels, there is no specific limit on the number of attempts for the Professional Programme. Candidates can take unlimited attempts until they successfully clear all the modules of the Professional Programme.

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